The super in points

Every time you look in the mirror, the idea of ​​finding yourself different or what Your body looks like you've idealized : narrow waist, breasts, hips and rounded legs. Even, you expect your figure to resemble that of women of your age around you.

However, the truth is that you do not need or share. No one is the same, each one has its own life story and that is what makes you different, from the physical characteristics that you inherit from your parents to your habits.


The super in points

Of course, they all want a incredible figure , and although genetics influences, you also have to work to have a healthy and toned body.

Currently, girls often think that being overweight is beautiful, but it is not like that.

Regardless of the type of body you have, looking cute does not depend on how many curves you have, nor how thin you are, transmitting beauty arises through two channels: if you feel good about yourself, you will look sensational. If your body is healthy, rest assured that you will not have to worry about it.

Understanding why you have that body opens a window to meet your ancestors, ask how they were physically. It is also an opportunity to begin to take full care of you and strive to be healthy and beautiful, which does not depend on anything other than your safety.


Good habits

The term "take care of yourself" seems so boring, but necessary, because when you do it, you help your body cover all its needs to reach its full development. If you want to pamper yourself and improve your health, follow these steps:

1. Sleep well

Do it at least eight hours a day; during sleep you release growth hormone.

2. Exercise

Choose the level of intensity you prefer, any discipline practiced will often be beneficial for your body and help you develop and strengthen muscles.

It is important that you monitor your health, you do not need to be sick to go to the doctor, many of the problems of growth can be corrected, as long as a detection is made on time, and of course, it depends on you to follow the specialist's instructions, on time.

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