The study

Although it sounds unromantic, love can not do everything ... especially when it comes to issues related to money. Studies show that men are more likely to cheat their partner if they earn much more than her.


The study

Researchers of the Normal University of Beijing in China they asked a group of students with formal relationships to participate in two studies.

In the first they were lied telling them that they earned more or less money than people their age, placing them on a salary table. This made the volunteers who were at the top increase their self-esteem.

Then, they were asked to rate the appearance of their partners. The men who were in their twenties and appeared in the most favored section, were more likely to criticize their girlfriends.

In another study, carried out by the same university, students were asked to evaluate if their income levels would make them feel safe to approach talking to a member of the opposite sex. Among the questions, it was considered to ask your number to a stranger and, eventually, cheat on your partner.

In one exercise, men who felt wealthier said that, given the opportunity, they would sit closer to an attractive woman. Unlike them, women in that position would keep their distance out of respect for their relationship.


Why is this happening?

According to evolutionary psychology, a man increases his "couple value" depending on what he earns. Within the culture, they are evaluated and end up accepting that role.

Therefore, considering that their worth is higher, it becomes more likely that they will look for an equally appreciable partner.

There is no doubt that gender roles limit us all.

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