The return to school will be gradual, school is reviewed by school

The return to school will be gradual, school is reviewed by school

The Secretary of Public Education, Aurelio Nuño reported that all schools in the Mexico City will be reviewed after 7.1 degree earthquake that was recorded last Tuesday of September 19th .

Taken by reporters outside Rébsamen School, one of the schools that collapsed after the earthquake, the head of the SEP said that the return to school it will be gradual and that only schools that already have a structural security opinion will be able to open their doors as of this Monday.


The priority is the safety of children, girls, young people and teachers. The decision we made jointly with the head of the Government of Mexico City is to review all schools, which are affected, but we will also review those that are not affected, "he said.


He said that in some cases the process could take several days, but that, starting this Sunday, the SEP will be giving a daily report at 5:00 pm to inform which educational institutions would return to school the next day.


Review school by school so that each school has a structural safety assessment and only schools will be allowed to return to school, gradually if they already have that structural safety assessment. We have already begun that work, and every day, every day at 5:00 in the afternoon we will announce the progress we are making and the number of schools that already have that opinion and therefore the next day can start operations ", he asserted.


He added that the information of each of the schools will be published daily on the SEP website and on their social networks and also the schools that already have the opinion, should paste it at their front door.

He indicated that in the schools that present some damage by the earthquake in the country are little more than 7 thousand, of them near 700 in the City of Mexico, "the majority with minor damages".

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