The results

More than once you will have felt tired in the office, despite having had the best rest weekend, but you would have imagined that this has to do because your age it really tells you the hours of work that you must do.

In humans, the activity rhythms they fragment and change as time goes by, the same happens with schedules of work, since your age it tells you how many hours you should work, to follow your own biological rhythm well.

According to an investigation of Ecophysiology in France, there is evidence of aging of human beings, measured by the circadian system , that is, the rhythm of life that we lead and this includes work.

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In the study, they evaluated the aging in primates, recording the activity locomotive of them in different activities and ages.


The results

Adults register more activity in the biological clock , which translates as more activity during the day and a start of them in later hours. The light factor was determinant to perform the activities, which suggests that the older, the performance is better during the day.

Otherwise, the young r more intense activities at the beginning of the night and in general in the course of it, which allows to get work pending if they wish, without major problem.


How long can I work?

Although the study determines the levels of performance according to ages, responsible for rhythmic disorders throughout the lifetime , it is only attenuating our labor and cognitive abilities with the passage of time.

It suggests that our heart rate changes with our biological rhythm and at higher age, lower performance. If the normal thing is to work from 8 to 10 hours, when you are young you could spend up to 12 hours without stopping, but at a more advanced age it would be something very delicate for you. Health .


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