The process of love

An old man says saying that "it is better to be bad for someone who is well known, than good for knowing". There are also those who think: "Total, for find to someone worst…".

Phrases like these indicate that staying with a person for a long time, sometimes, can go from love to habit .

According to Cuban educator Miriadis López Álvarez , keep a relationship by without passion Does a lot of damage.


The habit kill the love, and the love is the padlock of the rest of the feelings says the specialist.


The process of love

The tie affective between two people is generated from the attraction and the infatuation , what is difficult comes later, when it is a matter of keeping these factors constant over time.

According to him Bolivian psychologist Óscar Urzagasti , the habit is the process in which two people are together, but without a view in common .

They simply understand this union as a kind of accompaniment and the affective it goes to the background or you get to lose completely.

The specialist adds that although in the stage of infatuation there is a lot chemistry , it naturally decreases and reaches a love plus rational .


The relationship so change and they begin to prioritize certain things that are of common interest, such as children, the economic situation, health and others. This helps develop the link, explains Óscar Urzagasti .

This is not bad, on the contrary, both are building a lifetime future responsable , which does not mean leaving aside the relationship of partner so as not to incur the routine.


Actions to take

Urzagasti advise renovate constantly the Program of daily life so that it does not become a habit .

It's about engineering details that fan the fire of the passion and give demonstrations of love without letting the couple fall into boredom and resignation.

To strengthen the Union with your partner , it is important to question yourself and identify the details, ways of being and feelings that most attract you in your relationship.

When the doubt appear and make you think if what keeps you with your partner is love or habit and if it's worth it to continue by his side because you love him or because you're used to spending time with him or her.

It's time to Sincere with yourself. dare yourself to formulate questions like: how much is this person doing to me? Why? Am I afraid to stay alone and not have company?


"After answer honestly you will have something clearer; sometimes it is difficult differentiate both of them links ", Says the specialist .

François de La Rochefoucauld , seventeenth-century French writer, already said a beautiful maxim: "There is no disguise that can long hide love where there is, or fake it where there is none"

Build a relationship demands security, stability, trust , and above all love . And you, have you asked yourself why are you with your partner?

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