The power of a kiss

The lips have Nerve endings , which give this area greater sensitivity to touch; However, other factors such as saliva and the movement of the tongue together make the kiss have the effect it has, but after this contact what happens in our brain ?

According to a study by the Oxford University Through a kiss people can evaluate a potential partner, since the exchange of fluids allows us to judge the sexual attractiveness and the possibility of reproduction.


The power of a kiss

Each kiss that is given consumes 12 calories, this is due to the movement of 36 muscles and that heart beats increase from 60 to 100 beats. However, what is its effect on our brain? Here we offer some of them.

1. We are designed for it. A study conducted at Princeton University, (EU) reveals thatThe human brain It is equipped with neurons that help you find your partner's lips both with closed eyes and in spaces without light.

2. Everything is activated. By joining our mouths with that of another person, the limbic system, located in the center of the brain, is responsible for transmitting this information to other areas such as the cortex or brainstem that regulates the vegetative mechanisms of respiration, heart rhythm , blood pressure, muscle tone, salivation or hormonal secretion

3. Relieve pain . When we kiss passionately, hormones are released, such as endorphins, which generate a feeling of well-being and have an analgesic effect.

4. Everything alters it. It is also possible that other neurotransmitter systems and hormones they are related in the kiss, like the GABA, that modulates the answers of tranquility or relaxation, and the endorphinic system, as it indicates it Jesús de la Gándara, chief of Psychiatry of the Welfare Complex of Burgos.

The kiss does not only affectthe brain, but to the whole body in general. Therefore it is important that this contact is, from the beginning, satisfactory for both members of the couple. Remember that everything is allowed in sexuality, as long as there is trust and respect.