The origin of the kiss

Kissing is a fundamental part of the evolutionary process to select a partner. The exchange of saliva, textures, flavors and emotions trigger in the human body a cascade of neuronal and chemical messages that are translated physically and mentally.

The kiss could have had its origins in the exchange of food of the primates, when primate moms chewed food and passed it to their young directly by mouth to feed them.

María Teresa Hurtado, sexologist and director of the Sexual and Reproductive Health program of UNAM, explains that the unconscious is capable of recognizing how much genetic compatibility We share through the pheromones that come off under the nose when we kiss, and are responsible for revealing if he or she is the right one.

Hence the phrase "The first kiss tells you everything".

5 curious facts about kisses:

-Exercise more than 30 muscles Facials when you kiss and because the blood is activated, the pulse is accelerated burning calories. To exercise!

-The saliva It increases when you kiss, which helps eliminate bacteria in your mouth.

-According to the magazine Nature, people are twice as likely to lean to the right than to the left when they come to kiss. (The preference arises from which side you preferred to lean on the fetus from your mom)

-A couple of Englishmen was condemned 1 month in jail after kissing in a restaurant in Dubai.

-The Kamasutra teaches more than 30 types of kisses!

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