The origin of the attachment

Attachment is like an epidemic. It ravages people of all ages, it does not know gender or social status but why does it come to our lives? Why does it cling to stay in them?

Lucy Romero, clinical therapist explains everything about attachment and how you can live without burdens.

"When we are in a relationship it is inevitable to feel attachment. It is present because it is part of your daily life, of all those things that we include in our lives associated with a good experience. "

The origin of the attachment

Do you remember your childhood? How would you rate it? According to the specialist, the first five years of life are determinants in the life of every person.

"The primary binding systems are the way they taught you to bond in your first five years of life. If a child does not feel safe, he receives ambivalence. They are children who are always anxious, who do not know what to expect from the people who care for them.

Another link is when parents are present body but absent. They are unattended children and that is why they become self-sufficient, covering their own needs. These patterns that we learned in childhood, we repeat in the relationship. "

If we were children raised safely, we will be safe in any relationship.