The key is inside you!

In the last decade the violence It has cost the country not only money (due to the decrease in tourism and foreign investment) but lives and the health of a large part of the population living under the stress of being a victim. However, are we born violent or does culture influence the development of it?

According to a study published by the magazine Archives of General Psychiatry suggests people with a long history of violent behavior t They have more gray matter in certain areas of the brain.

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The key is inside you!

The research included the participation of males between 23 and 54 years of age, who underwent studies to identify brain morphology related to the abuse of certain substances, such as alcohol or drug , which are related to episodes of violence.

As a result, experts discovered that violent people have more gray matter in certain brain regions, specifically in the mesolimbic area, where they are released. dopamine

However, violent behavior may have more explanations, for the expert Facundo Manes, director of the Neurosciences Institute of the Favaloro Foundation, the aggression of a person who commits a violent act Passional may have different biological bases than planned and premeditated aggression. There is some decrease in chemical messengers, such as serotonin, which has been found in impulsive aggressive patients and violent offenders.

There is still a need to investigate in greater depth all the factors that influence a person's violent , what is a fact is that it has costs for society and for the person who generates aggressive actions.

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