The higher the heart rate, the less longevity in patients

The heart rate has been associated with a more or less life expectancy . The animal species with greater pulsations per minute are the ones that live less time.

Dr. Esteban López de Sá explains this situation in detail.

The Spanish Heart Foundation on its website // describes heart rate as the number of times the heart contracts for one minute (beats per minute). For the correct functioning of the organism it is necessary that the heart act pumping blood to all organs , but also must do it at a certain pressure (blood pressure) and at a certain frequency. Given the importance of this process, it is normal for the heart to need in each beat a high energy consumption .

Some studies carried out in healthy populations, as well as in hypertensive patients, with ischemic heart disease or with heart failure, demonstrate an association between heart rate and the risk of death. According to this, the higher the heart rate, the lower the life expectancy.

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