The good side of working under stress

Headache, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, stomach discomfort, depression, discomfort in the muscles and / or back and bad mood. Do you have or have had any of these symptoms or do you know someone who has them? Possibly it is about stress .

Did you know that one of the main causes that causes stress Is it related to demanding work conditions? Therefore, the ideal would be to choose a job that is not very stressful, that does not take away our sleep or generate much tension, however, a study carried out byHealthy Companies International describes another panorama.

This study suggests that for most people the work with a little stress is necessary . But be careful! This does not mean that you can sustain an accelerated life, full of responsibilities and pressures.

On the contrary, there are many investigations that show the harmful effects that the stress , especially if it is maintained for a long time, since it can cause chronic or permanent diseases including heart problems, especially in women.

Therefore, the key is to find the right balance - as in other areas of life - between the tasks or responsibilities that can represent a professional challenge in front of the excess of them, which can really transform our life into a torment.

Video Medicine: How to stay calm under pressure - Noa Kageyama and Pen-Pen Chen (September 2022).