The crude reality

Why does it hurt the head after a night of partying in which he has drunk too much? The reason for the popular "raw "It's simple: several body organs are" resentful "as a result of the loss of water. The consumption of alcohol It affects in a special way the part of the brain that regulates the elimination of water.

The headache is mainly due to the toxic products of alcohol degradation that appear in greater quantity in the body, if the alcohol is not of good quality or different drinks have been mixed.

Gastric discomfort is a consequence of the erosions in the stomach mucosa produced by ethanol and other by-products of the fermentation of alcoholic beverages, and the dryness of the mouth as well as the persistent thirst that the so-called "crudos" suffer from, is due to the fact that alcohol decreases the vitamin B1 of the organism and the aforementioned diuretic effect.

The alcohol It is eliminated at a rate of seven grams per hour, and it is almost impossible to accelerate the pace. Despite the thousands of tips that there are about how to fight the raw , doctors recommend taking fruits, nuts, cereals, legumes and meat, although the most useful thing is to sleep.

Other news about the "raw"

Numerous universities and research centers in the United States and Europe devote their resources to the study of the effects of alcohol on the body. A recent investigation by Thomas Jefferson University (United States) revealed, for example, that alcohol potentiates the headache in those who suffer migraine.

The University of Barcelona , in collaboration with the Magnetism and Nanotechnology Laboratory of the University of Santiago de Compostela, analyze the way in which nanoparticles formed by silver atoms could avoid cell damage caused by ethanol. Meanwhile in The Imperial College from London, the professor David Nutt works in the elaboration of a synthetic alcoholic beverage that can maintain the sensation of drunkenness, but that is innocuous for the organism and free of raw.

For his part, the doctor Francisco Pascual , of The Scientific Society of Studies on Alcohol , says: "At the moment, no traditional miracle cures the abstinence that follows a night of revelry. It would not even be worth the relief that would be a small dose of alcohol, since, although it would restore the balance in neural circuits, precipitate dependence " Only science can find a really effective remedy.

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