The case of children, not so children

During the summer holidays your children will eat more sugar , watch more television and eat less vegetables, indicates a study by Columbia University.

These behaviors, which lthey lift the little ones to gain weight, They are common in all economic strata, affecting affluent and poor children alike, researchers say.

The study, which analyzed the data of more than 6,400 American children between 1 and 12 years old, found that during the summer holidays the little ones saw 20 more minutes of television per day, what impelled them to drink 3 ounces more than sugary drinks at that time; this compared to the amount they drink during the school season.

On the other hand, when analyzing the physical activity, it was found that during the summer holidays the practice of exercise was almost the same as during the class period. "We only had an average of five more minutes a day of exercise during the summer vacation," says Dr. Claire Wang, co-director of the Obesity Prevention Initiative at Mailman, Columbia University. School of Public Health, from the city of New York.

"The school environment remains essential for the formation of healthy eating and active life behaviors, and schools can play a leading role in promoting a healthy transition from school to summer vacations," said Wang. .


The case of children, not so children

The study also analyzed high school students. In this case, it was found that adolescents practiced significantly more exercise during the summer than in the school year.

In the study it was found that, when children become adolescents, the economic stratum begins to play an important role in the amount of exercise they practice.

This was how it was observed that young people with higher income families were especially prone to exercise more, from moderate to vigorous during the holidays, while adolescents from low-income families were much less likely to make any kind of physical effort.

"After analyzing the results of the study, we found that it is necessary to increase our efforts to prevent obesity in schools, to go beyond the day and the school year, "concluded Wang.

This work, in which the behavior of children and adolescents was analyzed, was recently published online in the School Health Journal.

SOURCE: Columbia University, press release, July 13, 2015

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