The carotenoids

Although the most important beauty is the interior, no one dislikes having a better appearance. The best of all is that there are foods that increase your attractiveness naturally.

A study by researchers from the universities of Bristol and St. Andrews reveals that the best foods that increase your attractiveness are carrots and plums.

Those who eat carrots and plums often favor the appearance of their skin and look healthier in a short time. It is estimated that only two months are enough to begin to appreciate the results.

Scientists attribute this power to a compound called carotenoid, present in these foods, which makes the skin have a more yellow and bright, and therefore that looks more attractive.


The carotenoids

They are natural pigments of dark color that are found in certain vegetables. Besides being present in carrots and plums, they are also found in mangoes, sweet potatoes, spinach and cilantro, among others; some algae, bacteria and fungi also produce them.

Not only do you need them to help you look healthier and more attractive, but you must also consume them because the human body synthesizes them and transforms them into vitamin A.

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