The body claims it

The sexual intercourse they are those pleasures that generates addiction ; when life is interrupted sexual active, maintained for years, are generated consequences in your body and brain for not having sex .


Living for many years without sex it is not a disease; You can be in abstinence although it is difficult to stay like this, although the change of leading a satisfactory sexual life to a null tends to generate Bad mood , among other problems, explains the counselor and sexual therapist, EDuardo Ramos Cuevas, of the Mexican Association for Sexual Health .


The body claims it

When you have taken a sex life active that is left enjoy For several years , the body resents the effects of sex in the organism , generating risks of heart attack , this is because sexual activity is one of the best cardiovascular exersise that can be practiced, say researchers from the Tufts University, in Massachusett, United States .

This practice is an excellent generator immunoglobulin A (IgA) ; the frequency sexual, at least twice a week, raise up to 30% levels of this antibody found in saliva and body mucous membranes, which protects against colds and others infections .

For men, stop having sexual intercourse It is a factor of risk to develop prostate cancer , since various investigations confirm that ejaculate frequently, five times a week, it has an effect preventive in men from 20 to 50 years old.


Brain inhibits some functions

There are specific areas in the brain involved in the behavior sexually causing the sensation of wellness for all hormones segregated, for that reason, before the inactivity they stop producing such substances which affects the mood, takes decisions Y memory .

With the sex it is released dopamine a neurotransmitter with which the attention is improved, controls the impulses , motivation and reward . The prolactin considered as the hormone of the satiety and the person responsible for secretion milk.

The oxytocin , called hormone of love, takes care of strengthen the affective ties romantics Y social ; androgens They influence the mood, excitement and perception of the couple.

When living without sex , these substances that are also vital for socialize and have a life happy they lack in the organism, for that reason it is said that it affects the emotional health .

If it is your case and you live in abstinence , either by your own decision or because you have not found the right person exercise , dance , to sing , read or be passionate about some other activity they will also help you segregate these substances form natural .

Also, take care that the feeding be free of saturated fats and refined sugars, as well as coffee consumption; focus on positive thoughts , all this will help you break free the load retained for not having a life sexual satisfactory.

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