The best thing is to be friends before boyfriends ... Confirmed!

Have you ever heard the phrase: "Know well the person who is your partner", although in a world where fast is the order of the day in love is important to give us a time, even science says thatmore convenient before starting a love relationship, is having a friendship.


Researchers of the University of Texas, Austin, and from Northwestern University they studied 167 couples, both married and at the beginning of their relationship, and asked how long they had known each other and how long since they had a love relationship. The difference between these two periods was considered the time it took to be friends, acquaintances and couple.


After several analyzes, lThe scientists discovered that those couples who had been friends before starting to leave had a greater range of attractiveness - -So, that one of the members of the couple was clearly more attractive than the other, according to the judges- , in relation to those who started dating shortly after meeting. Couples who had started dating earlier, on the other hand, tended to be composed of members who were equally attractive in comparison.



Therefore, according to scientists, lCouples who have a friendship before leaving form an impression of the other more stable person and not just an "ideal" of how they would like it to be. So those couples have less problems because of unexpected behaviors from the other party because they already have a stronger base to know how they will react to different scenarios.



"Longer periods of familiarity with a person tend to produce romantic impressions that are based on a unique and idiosyncratic appeal and not just on appearance", explain the researchers.



So you know, if you want to have a long relationship with someone you met in Tinder, it is best to give yourself the opportunity to get to know each other better before you take a "soprecita" and both end up regretting not having met.


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