The advantages

How would you rate the following relationship? María and Pedro get along well, love each other and look after each other. One of them has sex with another person and his partner knows it. Despite this they remain happy as a couple and have no problems.

If you consider this situation as an infidelity, you are wrong. This type of arrangement is known as an open relationship and there is no deception.


This type of relationship is one in which agreements are established. They do not stop being a couple, they try to love each other but, unlike the couples conventional, both allow themselves to meet other people, have other sexual practices.

For it to work, people must be sure of themselves, with one criterion and not be dependent on the other, says María Eugenia Vázquez, a psychologist and sexual therapist.


The advantages

Both parties enjoy greater freedom in the relationship. Jealousy and attachments are out of place.

The couple is able to communicate their sexual desires and fantasies, which are not necessarily exclusive to their partner .

The couple enjoys being together by desire and not by obligation.


The disadvantages

If you reach a point where there is no connection, there may be clash of ideas.

In a open relationship there are no claims, jealousies or reproaches. When accepting a open relationship , the possibility is left open to be able to explore with other people without having to give explanations.

The rules of safe sex must be respected, since in an unprotected sexual encounter, you are playing your life and that of your partner .

If the person has low self-esteem the relationship can become a serious problem.


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