That his caresses make you vibrate ...

Customs, social prejudices and fears are some of the reasons why men and women decide to play with changing roles. They limit their pleasure to the role they play, active or passive. Even thoughWhy do it? Tip Start the kiss, and it is you who intensifies the contact with your tongue.


To have a change in attitude in bed, you must take into account the agreement as a couple. It does not need to be explicit; bodies have the ability to communicate, meaning what you want and how you want it, "says the doctor psychiatrist and sexologist, Walter Ghedin.


That his caresses make you vibrate ...

Do you think it is not necessary to change from liabilities to assets? In the next video "The Alcove", Elsy Reyes will tell you how to change attitude in sex and how this can intensify the pleasure of both. Click!


Start you

With this objective we provide you with some strategies that will help you to have more initiative with your partner, with information from sexologist Agustín Herrera.

1. Remove thoughts or false beliefs from your mind. Many of them have been unfounded by prejudices of the people around you.

2. Leave behind fears and fears, to be able to get away from an anxious attitude.

3. To take the initiative you need to have security in yourself.

4. Show your partner that you are interested in him

All couples, and individuals, have the right to explore the sexuality you do not limit yourself Enjoy every touch, kiss, pleasure. Try it!

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