Test to identify obesity

East test aims to assess the reasons why people, in general, who should naturally have a weight harmoniously, they overindulge in food and acquire overweight , which translates into identifying the start of certain obesity symptoms.

This instrument is an opportunity to become more aware of what the habits and emotions that make it difficult to maintain ideal weight , according to information from psicologi.alaguia2000.com

Exclusively for GetQoralHealth the specialist in alternative therapies Ana Lucia , It explains how to control the negative emotions that can generate obesity or overweight:

We invite you to delve a little more about your life habits. Read carefully the options before answering and mark the one that fits your habitual behavior.

The options are grouped by three: the first has a value of (l), the second of (2), and the third of (3). Remember to write down the scores, since at the end of the test You will find how to interpret your score.

You can only put the evaluation in one of the three options, for example: if you sleep eight hours you will have a point in that triad, the other two options will not have any score.


Obesity test

1) I sleep eight hours
2) I sleep less than eight hours
3) I suffer from insomnia

1) I get up early (before 9 o'clock)
2) I get up late
3) I get up at any time

3) I like to be comfortable
2) I am interested in personal grooming
3) I do not care about my appearance

1) I work eight hours
2) Work more than eight hours
3) I do not work

1) Study and work
2) Study only
3) I do not study

1) I have partner
2) I usually go out with someone
3) I do not have partner I do not go out with someone

1) I like the sport and I practice it
2) Path half an hour per day
3) I do not do physical activity any

1) I have two or more friends

2) I have a friend

3) I do not have friends

1) I make four meals per day
2) How only twice per day
3) Like any time

1) I go to bed early (before 11)
2) I go to bed late
3) I go to bed at any time

1) As homemade food
2) I buy food made, packaged or canned
3) Like anything

1) As few sweets
2) I like sweets
3) I overdo with the sweets

1) I do not drink sodas
2) I drink light or water sodas
3) I drink soft drinks with sugar

1) I have more than one hobby
2) I have a hobby
3) I do not have any hobbies

1) I can enjoy the leisure
2) I can sit down to rest for a while
3) I can not be without doing anything

1) I agree with my body outline
2) I would like to be skinnier or fatter
3) I do not want to look in the mirror

1) I have high self esteem
2) I estimate myself enough
3) I have low the self esteem

1) I am sociable
2) I'm not sociable
3) I like to be alone

1) I am a believer
2) I have spiritual life
3) I do not believe in anything

1) I do not have overweight
2) I have up to 4 kilos of overweight
3) I have up to 10 kilos or more of overweight

1) I watch little TV
2) I watch TV, average two hours per day
3) I watch TV, average more than two hours per day

1) I do not use a computer at home
2) Use computer at home two hours per day
3) I use computer at home more than two hours.

1) I serve moderate portions on the plate
2) I serve little but I repeat
3) I serve the full plate

1) As outside a few times
2) As outside once or twice a week
3) Always as outside

1) No I smoke
2) I smoke maximum five cigarettes per day
3) I smoke a bundle or more per day

1) I feel that I can master
2) I can not always control myself
3) I easily get out of control

1) I can talk about my problems
2) Sometimes I talk about my problems
3) I never talk about my problems

If you have a score of up to 27, you hardly present obesity and you are very unlikely to be overweight one day. If you have a score greater than 30 and less than 54, you have a overweight mild.

If instead you have a score higher than 60, you will have to do diet to conserve weight and accept being a person with overweight that you will have to modify some of your eating habits, accompanying them with exercise to avoid future complications in your health. Courage, you still have time to correct your habits for a better quality of life.

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