Tension that damages your body!

The rhythm of life that some people have increases the levels of stress , so it is normal to feel exhausted, depressed and even gain weight. According to a new study, stress slows down the metabolism, but why does this happen?

In the investigation carried out by the University of Ohio , it is detailed that in the body there are changes caused by the stress , which favor weight gain.


Tension that damages your body!

1. Weight gain . Stress encourages the body because people do not usually exercise and increase the consumption of unhealthy food, by the symptoms of anxiety and fatigue.

2. Cushing's syndrome . An excess of cortisol in the body causes this condition, which is a disorder that encourages the development of symptoms such as weight gain, depression, high blood pressure and diabetes.

3. High insulin levels . People living with stress have higher levels of insulin, which contributes to the storage of fat in the body.

4. Lunch hours . Researchers emphasize that eating after feeling stressed decreases metabolism and promotes weight gain.

5. Less oxidation grease . People living with stress have less of this type of fat, that is, those that help to correctly metabolize the body's cells.

In this way, specialists assure that the stress It hinders the body's ability to efficiently process and metabolize food.

So the best thing is that you perform a physical activity of your liking or some alternative therapy such as meditation to control the levels of stress and live healthily, with a healthy weight. And you, do you have high levels of stress?

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