Tennis talking?

Do you want to exercise but you lack motivation? Google presents tennis that could be your best allies to increase your physical performance and get fit in a fun way.

Smart footwear, presented in the SXSW Interactive conducted in Austin, gives you motivational messages through a loudspeaker, with the goal of reducing sedentary lifestyle and exercise, as shown in the following video:

According to information published in the portal , the smart footwear will not be marketed, however, it is detailed that it has a Bluetooth connection, an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

The sports shoes have integrated sensors in the sole, which detect the movement of people, so it offers a timely comment if you register inactivity or excess movement with phrases like: "this is very boring", "I like to feel the wind in the shoelaces ", among others.

Because of its connection to Bluetooth and the use of an application, it collects the information of the day and sends it to compatible devices. Android. Even, your activities can be published on your social networks to encourage you to exercise or improve your physical performance.

Motivation is essential to achieve our goals, especially when it comes to personal challenges such as losing weight, so go ahead and find your own inspiration. And you, would you be willing to use this type of footwear?

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