Tendinitis due to muscular work

Tendinitis is irritation and inflammation of the tendon, structure that unites the muscle with the bone. Although it can affect any tendon, it is more frequent in the wrist and in the fingers.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NHI), in the United States, the causes of tendonitis are excessive repetitive movements and injuries due to joint overload or certain systemic diseases, work out , as well as the diabetes wave rheumatoid arthritis . Another possible cause is age, because as the years go by, tendons lose elasticity.

Tendinitis can affect any person, especially those with high activity or physical demand. It can occur in any tendon , but the most affected parts of the body are the elbow, heel (Achilles tendinitis), shoulder and wrist.

The inflammation and pain are the main symptoms of this condition. To know about the characteristics of the Muscle pain and greater effects of tendinitis, in GetQoralHealth we present you a video of Dr. Pablo Koval:

The treatment of tendonitis aims to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, so rest or immobilization (cast or splint) of the affected tendons help recovery.

The application of heat or cold in the affected area can help, as well as anti-inflammatory Non-steroidal drugs (aspirin or ibuprofen) or steroid injections.

Once the symptoms are controlled, rehabilitation and physiotherapy can be started to strengthen the muscle and improve the functioning of the tendon, in order to avoid recidivism or rupture of the tendon.

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Video Medicine: How to Treat Tendonitis in the Shoulder (May 2024).