Technology for people with disabilities

Technological advances have now exceeded the limits in terms of health applications for people with disabilities, as well as for their rehabilitation , with the aim of combating the complications that arise in their daily life.

Prosthesis , instruments used in the rehabilitation , measurement systems, electronic exercisers and machinery for special orthopedic movements, is what technology has contributed to in recent years.

"The most valuable resources of these advances are precisely those that help in the measurement and evaluation of traumatisms , as well, they can get a treatment in a more detailed and accurate way, "explains the doctor Jesús Manuel Dorador, Head of the Department of Mechatronic Energy of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM.

The UNAM, specifically in the Faculty of Engineering , has developed throughout its history a myriad of technological instruments focused on this topic, mostly as design projects, with the hope of being inserted as a useful tool for society. Some examples of these designs are:

1. Prosthesis of help to amputated hands with independent movements in the fingers. 2. Adaptable mechanisms for prosthesis hand. 3. Socket for prosthesis transhumeral or full arm (a link between stump and prosthesis ). 4. Design of prosthesis mechanical 5. Arm orthosis for injuries at birth. 6 Joints hemispherical, shoulder and wrist.

Similarly, adds the specialist, in other countries there are projects that can be retaken in Mexico, among them: a microchip that is grafted in the arm to regulate the blood pressure , and a bionic hand (implant with synchronized movement at brain ).

"Our country has made progress in the field of Science and Technology . However, it is necessary to put more interest towards the projects that are in development, and avoid that they remain in the can and be forgotten in the long term ", adds the specialist.

Therefore, it is essential to start financing and disseminating the kind of projects that arise from universities and technology centers. Only thus can there be an important opening to this new world.

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