Tax: a setback

In Mexico, only 30% of companion animals, specifically dogs and cats, consume processed food, while the majority (70%) eat leftovers and other products not suitable for consumption.


Tax: a setback

In this regard, the specialist Fausto Reyes Delgado , general director of Teaching Hospital of Veterinary Medicine (UNAM-Banfiel) , indicates that if a tax for processed foods of pet animals is materialized, 30% of people who adequately feed their pets could decrease and the land that has been earned in the education of the owners would be lost.


Obese pets?

The new tax, explains the specialist, would incline pet owners to give table foods or leftovers to their pets; what can produce the number one nutritional disease among animals that live 100% inside the home: obesity. To avoid it, animals should not eat table foods and diet changes can be made but always with the advice of a veterinarian.


What should a dog eat?

Within food there are two main branches, nutrition foods and prescription foods.

Prescription. Are those intended for sick, obese, diabetic animals with liver, digestive, heart or allergic diseases among other conditions. These foods are designed to help the veterinary patient to improve or cope with his illness.

Of nutrition. They are divided into commercial foods and Premium foods. The latter have a better source of origin for their raw materials and much greater quality control. Its manufacturers follow strict rules set by an entity dependent on the government of the United States and independent of the company called AFCO for its acronym in English (The Association of American Feed Control Officials ).

Food "in bulk". It has been proven that food that is kept in an open package to be sold per kilo deteriorates and decreases its quality and nutritional characteristics.

Commercial foods They do comply with the percentages of proteins or various nutrients, but they come from lower quality raw materials.

Faced with a possible increase in pet food, Fausto Reyes Delgado, He asked pet owners to remember that having a pet involves responsibilities and expenses. The animal depends entirely on its owner who must commit to provide the best, he said.

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