Tangolates, tone your muscles and spirit

Its rhythm stimulates the senses and desire, but its execution requires elegance, coordination and training: tango; however, today, this genre mixes with Pilates exercises to generate a new physical activity : tangolates

Is physical activity It arises in a hospital. Its creator Tamara Di Tella I worked with Parkinson's patients when I noticed that they did not necessarily lose the ability to move but to imagine the movement. From here comes this innovative exercise that mixes the best in toning the spirit through the pilates and the body with the tango.

The tangolates was taught for the first time in the United States and, currently, is practiced throughout Latin America, Spain and part of France. Among the benefits that can be obtained from this physical activity, I give the following:

1. It returns coordination and joint mobility to people with neuronal dysfunctions.

2. Accelerates the burning of calories.

3 . Improve posture

4. It allows you to obtain a stylized body.

5. Develop abdominal strength.

6. Strengthens muscles

7. Shapes waist and glutes.

Is physical activity provides aerobic elements, in addition to printing the basic elements of pillars: exercise the body and mood.

Tangolates is for all types of people, regardless of age, gender or race. Unlike tango, and although this rhythm is occupied, it does not have a sexual nature, therefore it can be practiced without a partner, with a friend or with a family member.

It can be carried out in gyms with a mat and pilates machine, it can also be transferred to the home. Remember, the most important thing is to make a physical activity is that you do it regularly, 30 minutes a day is enough.

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