Tan your skin with fruits and vegetables

A team of researchers from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) showed that consuming fruits Y vegetables is the best way to get a healthy look and tan our skin .

About, Stephen , co-author of the study points out: "Many people believe that the only way to wear tanned skin is to sunbathe, but eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is even more effective."

The research published in the magazine Evolution and Human Behavior, reveals that carotenoids that contribute the fruits Y vegetables are antioxidants that, in addition to improving our immune system, contribute to our skin Acquire a golden tone.

As part of his experiments, Stephen and their colleagues used computer software to manipulate the color of the skin in the photographs of half a hundred faces and asked the participants which faces looked healthier, those whose color was enhanced by sun tanning or those that showed the effect of the carotenoids . Everyone chose the second option.

The study is also a pioneer in showing certain similarities between humans and some species of birds whose males exhibit bright yellow tones in their feathers that show that they are very healthy. The brighter its yellow plumage is due to the intake of antioxidants , Stephen explains, the greater your fertility and the stronger your immune system:

"Our research suggests that the coloration of carotenoids in human skin is a similar health warning and fertility . Evolution favors those individuals who pair with healthier individuals, Stephen stressed. " With information from www.muyinteresante.com