Take them into account!

How many times has it happened to you that after a few days you want to put on again those pants that look great on you but they do not close you!

One of the reasons may be because you're inflamed . This is one of the most frequent stomach problems, which according to the Federal Health Secretariat (Ssa) , it is mainly due to bad habits food.


The inflammation abdominal pain occurs when the body makes a great effort to digest food, therefore the belly increases and begins to generate gases .

There are other factors such as constipation , sedentary lifestyle or the stress that can make your belly swell. To avoid this annoyance, we tell you 7 things you should avoid when you are inflamed .


Take them into account!

1. Abundant meals. Regularly, the inflamed belly is caused by overeating, rather than by a serious illness, say doctors of the Unit of the Digestive System in DAM Clinic in Spain .

However, they explain that once the food is digested, the discomfort disappears. To prevent it, recommend eat with moderation .

2. Fats. So as not to aggravate the problems digestive , it is important to avoid fried and rich foods in grease , including French fries, pizzas, fried eggs, hamburgers and sausages, since they make digestion .

3. Avoid foods that cause gas. These are difficult digestion , since they contain oligosaccharides (sugars) that are not absorbed by the small intestine and generates excess gas that accumulates in the digestive system.

Among the foods with these characteristics are celery, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, as well as legumes (beans, chickpeas, beans). The same applies to fruits with a lot of sugar, such as apples, bananas and grapes, says the Mayo Clinic .

4. Drinks with gas. According to National Program of Toxicology in the United States the consumption of soda increases and promotes inflammation and insulin resistance.

Also, some soft drinks contain too much sodium which promotes fluid retention and inflammation. Michael P. Stern , Professor at the University of Texas , says that sodium can cause excessive thirst that is "often confused with hunger", which favors the consumption of more calories.

5. Skip your breakfast. Keeping the stomach without food for several hours favors the accumulation of air in the system digestive , as well as little mobility of intestine that prevents the contained gas from being released.

Researchers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem ensure that a protein-rich breakfast proves to reduce metabolic inflammation and the risk of diabetes .

6. Chewing gum. According to NYU Langone Medical Center, United States, "intestinal gas has two main sources: bacteria from the intestines and air swallowed by the mouth (aerophagia)."


Therefore, habits such as chewing gum and eating very fast increase the production of gas in the intestines.

7. Sedentary. It is one of the main causes of a bad function intestinal . According to Global Fund for Cancer Research , the lack of exercise causes the decrease of some hormones Y enzymes protective, which leads to food longer in the intestine.

So that you look a flat belly and avoid the annoying symptoms of inflammation , Alejandra Oviedo Vázquez , gastroenterologist and member of the Mexican Center of Gastroenterology , ensures that "a diet low in fiber causes digestive ailments and is one of the main causes of obesity " Watch your health!

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