Take them and feel better!

In winter they grow up in a 30% consultations for respiratory diseases and n Mexico and one of the most common is the flu , whose symptoms affect your quality of life.

One way to reduce annoying sneezing, runny nose and cut body is through natural remedies such as food or drinks to strengthen the immune system.


Take them and feel better!

1. Hot water with a few drops of lemon

Specialists of Mayo Clinic They point out that it helps reduce congestion and prevents dehydration. Drink it at night, so you can sleep well.

2. Salt water

Wait! It is not for ingestion, this beverage serves to gargle and relieve irritation in the throat and itching caused by mucus.

You just have to pour half a teaspoon in a glass of water, stir and use it immediately.

3. Sauco Tea

Researchers of the Hadassah University Hospital of Jerusalem They assure that this plant strengthens your immune system.

In half a liter of water, place some leaves and let it boil. Sweat it with a little honey and drink it during the day.

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