Take off the blindfold ...

"You're not a little gold coin to please everyone ..." Everyone, without exception, we seek the acceptance of the group we believe we belong. However, this need prevents us from seeing the signals that reveal that they do not want us in one place.


Many times we refuse to accept the obvious; a scathing comment, a hurtful criticism or a mocking joke are unmistakable signs that our presence disturbs the present, "he details in an interview to GetQoralHealth, the psychotherapist Mariano Salinas.

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Take off the blindfold ...

Depending on the situation and the person, the signs that indicate that you are not wanted in a place can become more subtle than ovias; example, are the ones explained by Salinas expert below:

1. They do not integrate you. They speak of anecdotes from the past (of which you are not part) nor do they take a minute to explain and guide them.

2. Local jokes. They are comments that make reference to you, weight you do not know.

3. Comments imply errors of yours . It is common in work or family settings.

4. Look for activities that displease you. They do not do it once, they do it every time you are present.

5. Minimize your opinions. They remove the value or importance of what you are commenting with in order to make you look bad.


This usually affects more people who do not have their own space or social circle; they feel obligated to be in a place that generates discomfort and even suffering, "said Salinas.

Recommendation. To feel better with this rejection look for an environment that allows you to be yourself; in which you can share interests and emotions. Why? If you stay in a place where you do not want to run the risk, that by being accepted, change your personality and leave aside who you are.