Take care of your feet!

How many times have you stopped wearing some shoes because they pulled you out blisters ? There are many causes of the appearance of these small lesions on your feet that can be minimized with some changes in habits, but how to prevent blisters?

According to a study published in Podiatry Today, the blisters They are very common in athletes, as well as in people who wear new shoes or do not fit them.


Take care of your feet!

The researchers detail that the blisters alter the way they run or walk, so they can cause stronger injuries to the leg and hip. If you want to take care of your health and wear the shoes that you like the most, follow these recommendations.

1. Buy shoes from your number

When buying shoes take care that your feet enter effortlessly and feel comfortable. There should be a small space between the longest finger and the tip of the shoe.

2. Uses shoes for certain activities

If you practice any sport in particular you just have to investigate which one is the best. Also, when you participate in a race or sporting event it is best to bring those you use during training.

3. Accustom to your foot

If you bought shoes, use them for one or two hours every day to identify comfort zones and make them more flexible. Then, increase the number of hours until you use them all day.

4. Beware of seams

Before buying the shoes check the seams and the inside of the shoe, to prevent them from hurting you and causing blisters.

5. Wear socks

If you have the opportunity to use your footwear with these synthetic fabrics, you will avoid the formation of blisters by reducing the friction of the footwear with your skin.

6. Apply Vaseline

If you are going to wear shoes that cause blisters, put some Vaseline or smear a little dry soap in the area where these injuries are formed, thus reducing friction.

7. Keep your feet dry

The presence of moisture facilitates the formation of blisters, so you can use powders or deodorants that keep your feet dry.

8. Place pads or adhesive strips

Before putting on shoes, place pads or an adhesive bandage in the area where the blister . It serves to absorb moisture and prevent friction of the skin with the shoe.

To avoid the appearance of blisters, check that your shoes have adequate ventilation so that your feet transpire. And you, how do you prevent blisters?

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