Take care of your children with type 1 diabetes!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) diabetes in children increases rapidly, so it is urgent to find the necessary measures to reverse this process, but, what is the diabetes childish?

Before it was called childhood diabetes but its name had to be modified when other types of this disease appeared in children. The correct name is currently: Diabetes type 1 .

Normally the body's defense system attacks bacteria and viruses but in the Diabetes type 1 destroys the part that makes insulin from the pancreas.


Take care of your children with type 1 diabetes!

It usually occurs in children who are around nine years old. Its appearance is sudden, that is, it can not be predicted or prevented.

In the case of children, the causes of Diabetes type 1 , but it is estimated that genetic alterations are what cause the immune system to confuse the pancreas with a virus.

The most common symptoms of Diabetes type 1 They are weakness, increased thirst, urine volume, blurred vision and weight loss.

Diagnosing type 1 diabetes is a simple task. The signs and symptoms are usually quite evident and is confirmed by a simple blood glucose test.

However, it was previously diagnosed by tasting the sweet taste of urine. Therefore, the Greek meaning of "diabetes mellitus" is "excess of urine with honey".


Different type 1 and 2 ...

The Diabetes type 1 and 2 are different diseases, causes, treatments and prognoses, so it is best to go to a specialist to properly identify the condition that occurs in each person or child.

The prognosis of patients with diabetes Type 1 varies a lot depending on the treatment. Before, patients had to calculate the correct dose of insulin several times a day; Now there are modern implants that continuously measure blood sugar and automatically introduce the right amount of insulin.

The insulin dose should match the level of sugar in the food and the amount the body needs. When that does not match, glucose levels are dangerously altered.

The lack of insulin is serious and until its discovery was a disease that caused death in a few days. The discovery of insulin by a young medical student named Best made the treatment possible by obtaining it from other animals and then making it.

The diabetes Type 2 was considered incurable, but recent studies have revealed the effectiveness of curative treatments that combine surgical, medicinal and nutritional methods. The key is to detect it in time. And you, do you control the glucose levels in your children?

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