Take care of it and protect your health!

The deterioration ofcap of ozone puts on risk the Health and if it eventually disappears it could happen mutations of some species that would alter the evolution of life. Humans would suffer Cancer of skin , in addition to damage in the view


Is cap occupies the upper part of the atmosphere , called the stratosphere. If it disappeared, life based on DNA would be seriously damaged, since the ultraviolet radiation would arrive directly at the land without any filter , warns Gerardo Ruiz Suarez, researcher at the Center for Atmospheric Sciences of the UNAM .


Take care of it and protect your health!

It is estimated that the rates of skin cancer increased due to decrease of the ozone stratospheric or ozone layer. The defenses of a person to fight the infections they depend on the strength of their immune system .

It is known that exposure to light ultraviolet reduces the effectiveness of immune system , not only relating to the infections of the skin but also in other parts of the organism .

The scientists they talk about possible natural causes and caused by the humans , responsible for the changes in the cap of ozone .

About causes caused by activities human , the researcher mentioned that the use excessive fertilizers it degrades the ground and generates oxide nitrous due to activity bacterial , which contributes to the reduction of the cap of ozone .

The chlorofluorocarbons that are used as refrigerants Y solvents industrial players also play an important role in the deterioration of the cap , therefore they were regulated by the Montreal Protocol to replace them with hydrochlorofluorocarbons .

Among the causes natural , highlighted the variations in the ultraviolet radiation by changes in solar activity, solar storms, and if a meteor large fell on earth could reduce by 10% the ozone layer; a smaller one does not cause any problems.

Similarly, he said, if a supernova at a distance of one hundred light years from the earth, could consume the ozone between 30 and 80%. Fortunately, this kind of events it happens every hundred millions of years approximately.

The preservation of cap of ozone It also depends on human causes, so it is important to undertake Actions what avoid its degradation . A) Yes we take care the planet and also you Health .

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