Take care and protect your health!

How much do you know about cunnilingus? Several studies have revealed some truths of oral sex, which can serve as a complement to your intimate life and end routine, if you practice it in a responsible way.

There are many myths about this sexual practice, however, only scientists can provide objective information on the subject, which can help you decide if you want to perform oral sex on your partner.


Take care and protect your health!


HPV infection

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology details that the spread of the Human Papilloma Virus through oral sex is the main cause of cancerous tumors in the tongue, palate, tonsils and throat.


Women are happier

A study by the State University of New York details that when women practice oral sex their partners improve their mood.


Prevents pre-eclampsia

A research done by the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) suggests that when a woman practices oral sex she has a lower risk of suffering preeclampsia during pregnancy, especially if she swallows semen. In addition, it can relieve some symptoms such as morning sickness.


Prevents infidelity

Men who have oral sex to their partners reduce infidelity because they keep their partners happy and satisfied, detailed a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.


Esophagus cancer

An investigation by the University of New South Wales ensures that oral sex is directly related to esophageal cancer, especially in men.

It is essential that if you decide to practice oral sex you have proper hygiene, a medical check-up and protect yourself during the technique, thus avoiding the spread of diseases such as papilloma, HIV or another sexually transmitted infection.

If you notice something strange inside your mouth or feel discomfort, immediately go to a specialist to give you an adequate diagnosis of what you have and avoid complications.

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