Take advantage of time

Are you looking for some tips for summer vacations? This season is expected with great enthusiasm for the boys, to enjoy the longest school holiday period they will have during the year.

On the other hand, for dads it can become a somewhat chaotic period, especially if their plans do not include the possibility of going on vacation, because now they have children at home and not always with a clear idea of ​​what to do that they stay healthy throughout the day.

If you still do not have any activity scheduled to take place with your children, we give you some tips for summer vacations:

1. How about a vintage vacation? If those games that you shared in childhood with your brothers and friends come to your mind, like the children's rounds, "Quemados", the "traes", "Pares y nones", among others, it is time now to do it with your children.

In addition to spending hours of fun, combine it with physical activity. If you need to refresh your memory, we recommend the book "A game for each day", Neva Milicic and other authors, from the Editorial Aguilar.

2. Start your family mini business. Baking pancakes can be an activity that helps coexistence, to establish communication links, learn together in the kitchen and even to get an economic benefit. Prepare Cupcakes to enjoy during dinner.

Once they make sure they have found the touch, prepare some to sell among family and friends; the profits can be used to enjoy a walk in the city or to attend the children's theater shows that are common this season. You will find easy and exquisite recipes in the book Objective: Perfect cupcake, by Alma Obregón, Editorial El País Aguilar.

3. If time is not your best ally to organize with your children, there are Summer courses They are designed for all budgets and time you need it.

It is important that before deciding on one, consider the preferences of your children and agree with them the best opportunity. Whether with subjects such as art, science, sports or ecology, here are some alternatives: www.conaculta.gob.mx/estados/, www.cenart.gob.mx, www.tipkids.com and www.campamentosmexico.com


Take advantage of time

The holiday period is also an excellent opportunity to develop habits and discover skills. Establish routines that are attractive to everyone.

For example, to the extent that household chores are completed early and distributed equitably, you will have the possibility of taking them for a walk, going to the movies or taking time to do something they want, if Everyday they will become a healthy habit that they can adapt once the children return to school.

If, as a general rule, they do not practice any physical activity, they can start with walks, play soccer, go for a ride on bicycles or skates, to make it a habit. You do not necessarily have to practice these activities for a long time, but start and stay with half an hour.

And finally, he accepts that it will be inevitable that at some point the boys end up succumbing to the magic of the internet. Just make sure they do not enter pages that could put your physical and mental safety at risk; it also moderates the time of navigation in the network.

We recommend some pages that can be very entertaining for them and that will provide them with knowledge that will appeal to them: www.pequered.com, www.proyectoazul.com and the tablet application, Kid Box.

Make these vacations unforgettable for your children, giving them the best you can give them: your time and attention.