Take advantage of it in your recipes

The tequila Not only is it a drink that helps you improve your sense of humor, but it can improve your health by being therapeutic. According to different studies, among the benefits of the study is the reduction of cholesterol .

Researchers of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara they assure that the tequila It helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, improves the cardiac system and helps reduce stress.


Take advantage of it in your recipes

If taken in moderation, the tequila It can dissolve fats in the blood and improve its circulation. Experts recommend taking a horse daily, before or after food.

However, you can also include it within your recipes , to enrich them with the properties of tequila and protect the health of your family. To encourage you to practice it, the chef Many Muñoz share the following recipe


Tacos of fish with tequila and lemon


  1. 500 grams of fish fillets
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Three teaspoons of tequila
  4. Three tablespoons of coriander
  5. A spoonful of chopped garlic
  6. A spoonful of ground cumin
  7. Three tablespoons of vinegar
  8. A spoonful of oil
  9. Three tablespoons of honey
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Three cups of purple cabbage
  12. Three-quarters cup of cream
  13. Three tablespoons of milk
  14. One and a half tablespoons of lemon zest
  15. Eight tortillas
  16. Avocado
  17. Two lemons in quarters

In the next video of the program Cook Together, CadenaTres , you will know the step by step of the recipe and delight with your family this delicious saucer .

Do not forget that moderation is basic to having good health, so take advantage of the properties of tequila , as well as the benefits of eating fish to protect your heart system and say goodbye to fats. And you, how else do you take advantage of the benefits of tequila?

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