Take advantage of it in healthy amounts!

For most people, body fat creates negative feelings about our image, because it accumulates in areas that give aesthetics to the body.

According to information published in The Huffington Post , body fat has some benefits for the body, as it helps the body to function properly.


Take advantage of it in healthy amounts!

1. It has different colors. Scientists of the University of Sherbrooke They detail that the fat that accumulates in the abdomen, hips and thighs is not only white, since there is a brown tone.

2. Fat brown only in healthy people. When a person is exposed to low temperatures, brown fat is intended to warm the body, that is, is responsible for using white fat as fuel to generate energy and heat.

However, it is only found in people with a healthy weight and in newborns. The excess of white fat due to overweight prevents the activation of the brown color.

3. Balances the temperature A study of Harvard Medical School , details that body fat and protein called UCP1 help keep the body warm.

4. Your DNA is altered An investigation of Diabetes Center Lund University in Sweden details that the amount of fat a person has is determined by genetics; however, this can be altered when practicing exercise.

5. Not all fat cells are the same. A new study in the magazine Diabetology It suggests that the fat cells of obese people look and act differently than those of overweight people or with a more active metabolism.

Instead of producing new cells to store more fat, they only become inflamed until they break, triggering damage to the liver and heart.

6. It is full of stem cells. Researchers of the Stanford School of Medicine They found that the human fat that is removed during liposuction contains cells that can be induced to become pluripotent stem cells or cells that can turn into fat, bone or muscle.

7. Needs to rest. Scientists of the University of Chicago They detail that not getting enough sleep directly impacts the fat cells, that is, the body does not respond adequately to the production of insulin, which causes an increase in weight or the development of diabetes.

8. Beware of fat that can not be seen. The scientists of the Harvard Medical School They detail that visceral fat is the most dangerous, because it directly affects the organs by triggering cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

Although body fat helps to carry out the processes of the body in an appropriate way, its accumulation must be controlled to avoid overweight or obesity, which detonate diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. And you, how do you take care of your body?

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