Take advantage of every moment of the day

If during the day you have to comply with various responsibilities what are you left weather for do exercise or have some physical activity , you will be surprised to know that you can find moments to activate Y lose weight .


National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute indicates that the objective of lose weight will be successful when they are integrated into responsibilities everyday periods shorts of at least 10 minutes daily of some physical activity , in addition to a diet low in calories " .

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Take advantage of every moment of the day

Include a bit of effort during the day in some of your activities can help you go down of weight without realizing it. Here some options.

1. While you watch your favorite show. An excellent way to take advantage of weather and activate is while you see the TV . Experts recommend making some squats , ABS or skip the rope during the commercial .


Mayo Clinic calculates that when jumping the rope you reach burn up to 730 calories if you make a routine 60 minutes and your weight is 72 kg. "

2. In transportation. When you travel to the work , school or to another special point and you use the public transport , one of the measures you can apply is travel of foot .


The doctor John Buckley , researcher of the University of Chester in England, says that staying foot for three hours for five days you get to to lose up to 750 calories , in a year this represents around four kilos " .

3. At work. According to the American Dietetic Association , more than 70% of employees they eat in their desk at least twice a week. This habit causes that you do not enjoy food and that the body do not make a good digestion .

The recommendation is set aside a weather to take the foods at work and then go out to walk about 10 minutes , this favors the digestion and therefore, the proper disposal of fats .

These are small changes that you can incorporate in your activities daily If you combine it with a diet low in fats and sugars results they will be more effective . Start today!

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