Swimming exercises for flat belly

Swimming is a aerobic exercise that requires a concentrated effort in certain specific areas, such as the abdomen, so make some exercises especially they can help you reduce the fat in that part and achieve a flat stomach .

Those exercises they should be performed at medium-low intensity to avoid fatigue; however, the abdominal muscle tone is benefited if you respect certain aspects that have to do with the position of swimming: horizontal posture.

This position favors the work of the muscles of the middle zone, which allows synergy and balance to the movement. This is achieved with the semi-permanent contraction of the plane abdominal , taking the navel to the spine, according to innatia.com

For the development and increase of the base tone of the entire wall abdominal , the muscular work must be sustained for several minutes. In addition, the movement in the water allows to burn calories and reduce fatty deposits.

The exercises of swimming therefore, it is recommended to do them all horizontally, floating, and taking into account the synergy that the middle zone performs.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present you some exercises simple to achieve the desired flat stomach :

1. Nothing freestyle with one arm extended next to the body and with the other performing the stroke. Then change sides.
2. Take a flotation board with your arms stretched out in front of your head and advance with a breaststroke kick; that is, raising and lowering the extended legs.
3. The same previous position, but make the kick as if you were a frog, opening and closing the legs, which corresponds to the breaststroke style.

These exercises they are recommended to be done in a pool; However, if you carry them out at sea you can also enjoy the benefits of waves in your body, which translates into greater resistance. It begins little by little and sees the times of each of them increased.

Remember that any exercise that occurs in a horizontal position is beneficial to increase the muscle tone of your abdomen .

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