Sweet and sour spring rolls

Will you have a meeting in your home and do not know what to give them? Surprise your guests with a nutritious and light dish, like this recipe from spring rolls It will only take you 20 minutes of your time.

The secret of nutritional value in the recipe spring rolls It is in the filling and in the sauce, since by combining different foods such as meat, chilies, cabbage and soy, you give your body the proteins and vitamins that your body needs. Do you want to enjoy them? Go ahead and prepare them.


Sweet and sour spring rolls



  1. Half a cup of low sodium soy sauce
  2. An envelope of soluble green tea lemon-honey flavor of Nestea

Filling for 25 pieces

  1. Three tablespoons of oil
  2. Four hundred grams of ground pork
  3. A quarter cup of low sodium soy sauce
  4. A quarter of cabbage washed, disinfected and chopped
  5. Two chopped serrano chiles
  6. Three tablespoons of soluble black tea lemon flavor Nestea
  7. Two pieces of seasoning cubes taste onion and garlic Maggie
  8. A packet of flour tortillas hot taqueras
  9. Thirty wooden sticks
  10. Olive oil

Sauce: Mix the soy sauce with the soluble green tea and reserve.

Filling: Heat a little oil and add the meat with the soy sauce, the cabbage, the chilies and the soluble black tea. Add the seasoning cubes and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes.

In each tortilla place a little of the stuffing, form rolls by folding the tips inwards, to avoid that the meat comes out, and close them with the chopsticks.

Place some rolls in a pan with a little olive oil and fry until golden brown on both sides. Leave them on absorbent paper to remove excess fat and serve on a plate with a little soy sauce.

The best thing is to offer them as food, so that your body absorbs and burns the carbohydrates that are ingested through the tortillas. Enjoy them to the fullest and avoid excess. And you, do you know another recipe for spring rolls? If you want to know more information about healthy snacks, click here.

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