Sunscreen is the secret of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez assures that to stay young and beautiful she tries to take a diet balanced , perform a routine exercises daily, protect yourself from sunlight and stay hydrated .

The singer points out that she does not use luxury beauty products, she simply avoids vices such as cigarettes and alcohol, as well as getting enough rest and drinking plenty of water to show off her skin radiant.

Follow the example of JLO and beware of the sun's rays with a protective cream , so you will avoid burns, and prevent skin diseases like melanomas , stains , erythema , Y Cancer .

The protector of ultraviolet rays (UV) has various presentations such as: lotion, gel, spray or cream. In addition, it must have a good absorption capacity, resistance to external agents (water, sweat), not cause irritation and be odorless.

This product is characterized by having a sun protection factor (SFP); and the higher it is, the greater its effectiveness. In addition, this number helps to calculate the time in which you can carry out your activities without harmful risks for your Health .

To choose a suitable protector for your needs we recommend:

  1. Take into account the time you will stay under the sun's rays
  2. Know your skin type (light, dark, sensitive)
  3. Verify that the product is waterproof

In the following video, Dr. Hugo Cortés Ochoa, explains how to use sunscreens and their importance on the skin.

If you go on vacation to the beach or just do some activity under the sun, do not forget to protect yourself with a product that helps your skin to stay healthy and smooth.

And you use any product to protect your skin from the sun's rays?

Video Medicine: Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets (January 2022).