It is not in vain that they are owners of a smooth and radiant skin , that the wrinkles take time to reflect on your face, maintain an enviable silhouette ... They are icons of beauty, but how do they achieve it?

its beautification ritual goes beyond using certain commercial products and involves a true Lifestyle .

Take note of your tricks and to look beautiful inside and out !



They have the daily habit of using it . For them it is very important to maintain a white skin and, therefore, the protect without failure of the UV rays . Let's say it's your technique to keep the dreaded at bay Sun spots Y wrinkles .



Unconventional facials

For example, based on bird droppings . They are adept at this type of products because, they assure, they endow flexibility Y smoothness to its skin .


Green Tea

Because "beauty comes from the inside", the Japanese are lovers of this infusion . Let's say it's your elixir to keep the freshness Y Natural glow of his dermis.



In its menu, one of the main protagonists is the fish . This one is rich in Omega 3 , powerful antioxidant, which helps your skin look young Y free of imperfections . The foregoing, because it regulates excess fat .




Specifically facial . They have the habit of making them on his face, with circular movements . This to stimulate blood circulation from the area, tone up and keep the natural shine of the skin .



Triple facial cleaning

First, they use a makeup remover oil , then, wash your face with neutral soap to eliminate impurities and, finally, apply a tonic to close the pores .

They do not have a "pact with the devil", follow their ritual and, in a few days, you will see your beauty enhanced.


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