Sugar substitutes are safe for health

The scientific Comittee and the speakers of the Latin American Scientific Series affirm that there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate the safety of the Non-caloric sweeteners (ENCs), which includes the Aspartame, Saccharin Y Cyclamates among others, with what is left behind the "myth" that they are harmful to health. In this way, scientists from Latin America rejected that there is any evidence that ENC's have any effect on the development of diseases such as Cancer , behavioral disorders or neurological problems

During the Symposium, it was demonstrated that the consumption of ENCs is safe (Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Saccharin, Cyclamates, Steviol glycosides) in children from 12 months of age (there are no clinical studies in children under that age), and in pregnant women , when your energy balance so requires. It was clarified that in the case of ENCs, the natural is not always the most recommended, because the studies and the admissible doses have been determined for the pure substances extracted from plants, for example, the Stevia from which the glucosides of Esteviol are extracted.

On the other hand, the extract of the plant contains many more components that have not yet been studied and whose safety has not been determined.

The Scientific Committee reiterated that there is no reason to think that anyone could suffer any harm from the volume of consumption of ENCs, since the regulations established for each country on the Admissible Daily Intake (ADI) contemplate a maximum intake a hundred times greater than that could eat a person daily, during all the days of his life.