Successful or unsuccessful?

As he success As the failure they are subjective concepts, what someone considers a success story, another considers it a failure, but basically, it depends on how many personal goals you have reached, no matter what they are.

Every objective achieved makes you a happier person, in the opposite case, a frustrated person, this being one of the main differences between these two types of individuals.

It is easy to identify some features of the failed people and its differences with successful s. Generally the failure constant and the lack of Personal objectives or group lead to a state of depression , Bad mood , feeling of stagnation or hating work such as employment.

According to Dave Kerpen, international speaker and author of Bestseller Likeable Business, there are many habits that can take you both to success and failure, it all depends on your attitude and the clarity of your objectives.

Here we tell you 10 differences between the habits of successful and unsuccessful people

1. A successful person needs to be surrounded by individuals with the same or greater capacities to improve their day to day lives and to learn of the best, while an unsuccessful person enjoys the failure of others, has no need to grow and feels supported in their own failure .

2. A successful person radiates happiness Because it feels satisfied in each area of ​​his life and knows how to face challenges and difficulties with encouragement while an unsuccessful person lives constantly in a bad mood and has a negative view of the things that surround her mainly of her obligations.

3. A successful person is able to accept his responsibility when something goes wrong, unlike an unsuccessful person who will seek to blame others for their failures and without repairing damage , dramatize everything to take it to an extreme.

4. Those people who have objectives clear and design a plan to achieve them, they are creative people who occupy their mind inventing strategies and alliances to achieve success while the unsuccessful spend a lot of time in negative thoughts and in complaining about any situation, they are usually people with little imagination.

5. People who achieved their goals know that they did not reach the success alone and generally thank others for the effort collective. People who rarely achieve an achievement usually attribute all the merit.

6. One of the basic points in any successful life is to have a future horizon, that is, to imagine a place or a situation that you want to enjoy in the medium and long term, consequently with this, you must make a calendar of steps to realize that they will take her to that place. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, often have problems with planning, even in their day to day.

7. Creative and successful people need to nurture their mind and his spirit often, performing recreational activities It's like; read about new topics or visit a museum, while unsuccessful ones generally consume excessive television programs.

8. Successful people also make mistakes and live strong experiences, but unlike unsuccessful ones, they overcome obstacles and they can move forward, that is, they are able to develop resilience .

9. It is said that the responsibility is the key to success because it makes you, before yourself and before others, a person you can trust and with whom, it is feasible to create networks and Good relations . If you are a responsible person, it is doubtful that someone will trust you and consider you for a draft important.

10. Successful people like it to learn a lot, about things that represent a challenge and show interest in the knowledge of others, while one that fails constantly prefers to stay with pre-established ideas and preferably not to question, that is, he is afraid of change.

And you, you identified with any of these differences Between people successful Y failed ?

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