Success is in the mind!

This Sunday, the Patriots and the Seahaws they will be able to test their physical talent, and psychological skills to win Super Bowl XLIX. Between his strategies is the hearHeavy metal

Strange? Not really, you're Melodies are ideal for meditation. In accordance with Pete Carroll , head coach of the Seattle Seahawks and expert in making your defensive line an impenetrable wall, this mental state increases the happiness, reduces stress, and makes players reach their goal with confidence and Balance.


Success is in the mind!

Train the psychological skills to win the Super Bowl, requires three foundations, according to the Field Marshal Russell Wilson YLindsey Wilson of Positive Performance.

1. Patience

It is essential to resist the temptation to compensate for "mistakes". Trying too hard in the first moments of a game or difficult situation is the easiest way to exhaust yourself. Wait, calmly, for things to come up, and then calmly think about how to deal with them.

2. Keep believing

Believe that you can win, even if everything is against you. It is a philosophy that is cultivated with discipline and defeats, but that in the long term helps the person and the Player take out the best of his talent.

3. The bad can not be avoided, but control

The players are disciplined mentally to balance the negative with the positive . They may have unpleasant thoughts after a mistake, but they know that the bad is inevitable, and that they have the power to make this experience a Charitable teaching.

This preparation is essential for the health of a player, since as they get older their risk of suffering increases depression. This is due to brain damage as a result of concussions, says a study of the University of Texas.

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