Substitute food and lose weight

Why is it so difficult to follow a diet? For many, the mere idea of ​​depriving themselves of the flavors and aromas that sweeten and satisfy their palate is sufficient reason to desist from the purpose of losing weight; however, there are currently healthy food that they are perfect substitutes and ideal tools to achieve this goal without suffering.

Between the healthy food The most common that you can find in the supermarket is olive oil and agave honey; The first one offers the body vitamin E, in addition to reducing cholesterol levels and the risk of suffering a heart attack.

Agave honey is a vegetable juice that serves as a substitute for sweetener or sugar. Apart from this, this food helps stimulate the growth of intestinal flora, is low in calories and recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

If you want to know more about how to enjoy your meals through healthy foods, GetQoralHealth and the program Life and Home , with the chef Natalia Delgado , they present you the following video.

The key to losing weight is to integrate into the daily diet healthy food that give the body the requirement of vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

Remember, change your habits and take care of your health and that of your family.

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