Stress, the main illness of teachers

Teachers have great challenges day by day, which can directly impact their health status, because the workload and the ability to capture the attention of their students can register from stress to voice problems, which are the main ones diseases of teachers.

Several investigations show that there is a relationship between teaching work and various health disorders at a biological level such as cardiovascular, respiratory, back pain, cervicalgias, stomach ulcers.

As well as at a psychological level such as anxiety, depression, job dissatisfaction, reduction in productivity, work absenteeism, passivity in non-work life.

Work stress, stress and hoarseness are the main diseases of teachers, according to a report by the Federation of Educators.

In addition, the report warns that "psychological disorders of occupational origin" are at the top of the ailments that affect teachers.

The violent episodes in the classrooms and the impossibility of satisfying demands of overpopulation of students, leave them aphonic, unbalance their emotional and physical state.

32% of the consultations received in 2010 by the Department of Health, was linked to diseases derived from psychosocial disorders, leaving in second place speech problems, with 21%.

The study, compiles 2,220 registered consultations between April 2009 and March 2010, ranked third in seasonal respiratory diseases with 15%, followed by muscle and bone problems with 12%, and gynecological in 10% .

The group of teachers, who comprise the 40 and 55 years, is the most affected, since they occupy 46 out of 100 consultations.

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