Stress increases the Broken Heart Syndrome

A team of researchers from the Mayo Clinic , discovered that the blood vessels of patients with Broken Heart Syndrome , also know as Transient Apical Dysfunction Syndrome , do not react normally to the stress .


The results obtained offer clues to the cause of this rare syndrome and could serve to identify the most vulnerable patients mental stress , in order to develop appropriate therapies. The study was published in the electronic edition of the journal of the American College of Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology.


The Broken Heart Syndrome especially affects women with post menopause , but also to some men. Although the symptoms resemble those of a heart attack, the difference between these patients and those with this syndrome is that the arteries of the latter do not present obstruction, nor does the heart suffer permanent damage.


The heart of the patient with Broken Heart Syndrome presents the characteristic of the disease, which consists of the acquisition of a balloon shape and weakening of the left ventricle tip or main heart pumping chamber:


"This is usually related to the fact that the patient suffers severe emotional or mental stress. Fortunately, in most of these patients the heart regains its normal function in a matter of several weeks, although in about 11% of cases the syndrome reappears, "said the doctor. Amir Lerman cardiologist Mayo Clinic .

In this study, Dr. Lerman pointed out that among the original factors of stress of patients with Broken Heart Syndrome there is the death of the couple or of a relative, divorce , claustrophobia or sentimental breakdown. For more information visit:

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