Stress, emotion that betrays your body

In Mexico, 43% of the adult population suffers from work-related stress, according to figures from National Institute of Psychiatry , which places the country among the first to suffer from this disease.

Recognized as an epidemic by the World Health Organization , work or emotional stress of any kind, has a characteristic: the production of hormones, which can cause various disorders in the body, and GetQoralHealth presents you with three that interact in the stress process:

1. Cortisol It is a steroid hormone of the group of glucocorticoids, which is the maximum representative in the human body and whose primary function is to raise blood glucose levels.

In a stress situation, cortisol levels tend to increase to improve the body's response to the problem or danger, but when it is chronic can have adverse effects; example, weight gain.

A recent study of Yale University , found that women who accumulate fat around the middle of the body had higher levels of cortisol than those who stored it around the thighs and the bottom.

2. Adrenaline. Segregated by a part of the adrenal medulla, especially in cases of psychic stress and anxiety. This can be perceived in the body through increased heart rate, agitated breathing, faster muscle response and faster blood clotting.

According to an investigation carried out by the Instituto Teófilo Hernando of R & D of Medicine, of the Autonomous University of Madrid, notes that there may be a relationship between adrenaline, stress and hypertension.

3. Noradrenaline. Produced by sympathetic nerve endings, they increase the level of concentration mainly in stress of physical type, in situations of high risk or aggressiveness.

Noradrenaline also intervenes in the "fight or flight" response, directly increasing heart rate, causing the release of glucose from the energy reserves and increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscle.

Work or emotional stress can affect anyone and their damage can be terrible for the body. One way to counteract it is through sports and a healthier diet. Beware!

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