Stress, detonator of fibromyalgia

Fatigue, tiredness, constant headache and stiff muscles are some of the symptoms that characterize the fibromyalgia , disease that affects women more than men. Nine out of 10 cases suffer from women.

In an interview with Dr. Miguel Ángel Saavedra, head of the Service of the National Hospital of Rheumatology of the IMSS, he points out that the causes of this disease, which could be considered as rheumatic, are unknown.

"There is no specific study that allows us to know what is the origin of the condition, but it is known to be more common in females and is due to excessive stress in patients who register frequent periods of anxiety and concentration problems."

Role of emotions

According to Dr. Saavedra, about 80% of people who suffer from fibromyalgia , are those who live with greater pressure in their daily lives: "This leads them to trigger other symptoms such as inflammation in their intestines, irritable colon and disturbances in sleep."

The health specialist clarifies that if these discomforts are continuous and do not disappear in a maximum period of three months, then it can be considered as fibromyalgia And although it is not degenerative, it does harm the quality of life of people.

In numbers ...

According to a study conducted by the American College of Rheumatology , between 70 and 80% of patients with fibromyalgia , have sleep disorders; more than 35% have some degree of depression and between 20 and 35% of patients have irritable colonic syndrome.

The average time for the person to present the first symptoms, such as pain in most of the body, extreme tiredness, etc ... is two years.


Irritable bowel syndrome

It is a disorder of the digestive tract that is characterized by having abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation; the stressors increase the discomforts.

To reduce the pain generated by this disorder, it is recommended that patients consume foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, fruits such as papaya, apple, pear, drink natural water, avoid the consumption of acidic foods and liquids, such as coffee, spicy and condiments.

Move and feel better

Dr. Saavedra, indicates that having a balanced diet, coupled with the regular practice of a sport, can reduce the risk of presenting fibromyalgia , which affects the lives of women.

"Ideally, they should exercise like dumbbells or aerobics, so that they take out all the stress, which causes them the many roles they have in society and that affects them to a great extent; They need to channel it into something positive. "