Stress causes low libido in women

The number of women suffering from low libido has gone on the rise , mainly due to the stress generated by the rhythm of current life and situations that affect the woman's body.

The causes of lack of sexual desire in women, can be attributed to many factors, the lifestyle of a woman, currently, carries multiple responsibilities that are not only at home, but also in the workplace and children.

The increase in activities in all areas and the requirements that each of them represents, often causes the hours of sleep to be few and less than 8 hours cause the body to suffer, by the time they enter the bed they are tired and without energy, which can cause problems in the sentimental relationship. Intake of junk food and smoking are also risk factors.

"Medication may be the right treatment, but it may not be. It depends on what is the true cause of the lack of desire. If a woman is tired, distressed and needs help to take care of her children, a pill is not the answer ", Indicates Lisa Martínez, creator of the Women's Sexual Health Foundation, in a recent publication of the UNAM.

In that case, a viable solution would be for the woman your level of fatigue will decrease and relax, maybe looking for some help in the house.

If you suffer from stress and low libido, try before using medication, relax the body and mind sleeping the necessary hours that the body requires to recover the energy lost during the day and perhaps with the help of meditation exercises your mind can help you to relax the mind and refresh your thoughts. Yoga is a good option too, as well as start eating nutritious and healthy foods.

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